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Fast Trak Medivan Transport

Need A Medicar
Outside Chicagoland?

Call Fast Trak Medivan
for Affordable Rates
Outside Chicagoland!!!

"You're on the right track with Fast Trak... bringing you safe & secure to your destination."

Services include trips to:

  • Rehab therapies
  • Doctor's Appointments
  • Hospital
  • Even Social Gatherings

    Escort Available Upon request.

Fast Trak Medivan Transport is now providing service outside of Chicagoland and long distance service to nearby states from the Chicagoland area and suburbs to Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa and parts of Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

Fast Trak Medivan Transport is a Non-Emergency transportation with wheelchair accessibility. Fast Trak Medivan Transport is State certified and has CPR trained drivers.

Drivers are professionally dressed, courteous, polite & friendly!

Contact us within 24-48 hrs. prior to your appointment at 847-707-4137.

We are available 24 hrs. a day; 6 days a week.

There is a 24 hr. fax service to fax information regarding:

  • Client's Name
  • Place of Origin
  • Destination
  • Reason for Visit
  • Special Instructions
  • Patient Mobility
  • Mental status
  • Time of Appointment
  • Responsible Party & Phone Number

Fax Number is 847-368-7889.

Download a Fax Form Here.

Please call first to confirm if time is available before faxing.

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